Euroavia, which includes more than 2000 students from 42 different universities in 18 different European countries, its main aim is; It is a community that aims to create a bridge between companies, students and universities and has maintained this goal since 1959.

 Gebze Technical University Aviation and Space Society Euroavia Committee was entitled to be PAS (Prospective Affiliated Societies) Kocaeli as a result of the conferences it participated in in 2019. With the Hot Wings Symposium held in Gebze Technical University, it has increased its presence in Euroavia. In May 2019 were invited to the event in Germany, with voting and presentation AS (Affiliated Societies) Euroavia’s take the name of Kocaeli in Turkey has been one of the four representatives. In this direction, the Euroavia Committee, which was established in 2019, aims to establish strong ties with students abroad, which is the main mission of Euroavia.



LUSTRUM&EMEAC 2019 Aachen 

Our friends attended the Euroavia's Emeac (Electoral Meeting of EUROAVIA Congress) congress, which took place in Aachen, Germany, between May 3-11. During this congress, our friends, who had the chance to travel as well as business meetings, also celebrated the 60th anniversary of Euroavia.

Briefly, if we need to give information about Emeac, we can talk as follows:

It is a congress where Euroavia's laws and legislative changes are discussed, plans for the future are discussed, reports of local groups are presented and most importantly, the board of directors is elected.

In Lustrum, which is celebrated every 5 years, a pleasant environment was created with many speakers, alumni and students, including Airbus' CTO and past CEO. It was a one-day event with debates and presentations.


Hot Wings Symposuim 2019 

A total of 12 participants from 5 different countries and 9 different universities attended our 5-day Hot Wings Symposium event we organized in 2019. This event included workshops, social skills training, technical and city trips as well as conferences. During the symposium, the participants and participants of the symposium had the opportunity to improve their language as well as have fun in English conferences. It is also our event that has created the vision of our committee to turn such events into a tradition.